Culture Entry #2-Spanish Architecture in the Americas

Following Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the Americas in the 15th century, Hispanic interest in colonizing the New World grew. Not only did they bring goods, sicknesses, new rulers, and settlements to the Americas, but these Hispanic countries also brought their architectural influence.

Many of the colonies in modern day Florida, California, Arizona, and New Mexico featured Spanish inspired architecture. Some of these historical structures can still be seen today.

Although limited by the materials of the new locales the Spanish colonialists attempted to recreate popular Baroque style with simplified building materials, such as adobe clay and wood. A combination of Moorish, Native American, and Spanish elements created an eclectic new style of architecture.

The following video showcases some beautiful buildings in Santa Barbara, California. You will probably recognize some classic examples of Spanish architecture such as red tile roofs and white exteriors.


The architectural culture of Spain and America blur in the areas where the Spanish settled the New World.



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